Barry Ryan - Going Back to 65

Barry Ryan - Going Back to 65

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Barry Ryan

 “Going Back to 65” is a collage of Barry’s last ever recordings before he tragically passed away, featuring all new self-penned songs. The title track "Back to 65 (Music of Youth)" is a trip down memory lane evoking memories of how life was back in the heady days of the 1960s! Together with his twin brother Paul Ryan the duo were in the heat of the British cultural revolution scoring many hits from the mid-1960s onwards. Since 1968 as a Solo Artist he has many top chart successes and sold over 20 million units worldwide . His biggest being the massive worldwide classic “Eloise” written by his brother Paul.

1. Back to 65 (Music of Youth)     

2. Beautiful Life       

3. So Not over You

4. The Last to Know

5. Superstar

6. We are Broken

7. Nothing like You

8. Cut me with a Kiss

9. Body and Soul

10. Cut me Free

11. You are the Answer

12. The Force is with You

13. Break the Circle

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