Tobias Hounsham

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Toby Hounsham

Born Tobias Charles Hounsham in Clevedon, Somerset, and known as Toby

Taught piano by the legendary Boogie Woogie pianist, Big Joe Duskin, after a chance back stage encounter, Toby developed a keen interest in Boogie Woogie at an early age which he has maintained to this day.

Boogie man Toby has been a professional musician for the past 30 years, touring and recording all over the world. Toby was the keyboard player in Brit pop band ‘Rialto’ in the late 90s, enjoying 3 top 40 UK hits and a top 20 album. Toby went onto to play piano with Ray Dorset (aka Mungo Jerry), a relationship which has endured for over 20 years and is still going strong today. Toby has also played with Go West and Katrina (Katrina and the waves). He is currently playing keyboards with The Stranglers.

Despite a career spanning such an eclectic range of genres, Toby has remained a passionate exponent of authentic Boogie Woogie piano, the music which he continues to gig and promote as much as he can.

In addition to working as a musician, in 2010 Toby completed an MA masters degree training course at Roehampton University, to become a qualified Music Therapist, and when he isn’t performing or composing, he works with older adults with dementia, and children with learning disabilities.

1. Pinetops Boogie Woogie Special (2021 Remix)

2. Swanee River Boogie Woogie Special (2021 Remix)

3. St Louis Boogie Woogie Special (2021 Remix)

4. The Honky Tonk Train Boogie Woogie Special (2021 Remix)

5. Top Speed Boogie Woogie Special (2021 Remix)

6. The Yancey Boogie Woogie Special (2021 Remix)

7. Big Ben Boogie

8. Groovy Boogie

9. The Mozart Stomp

10. Buzzin Boogie

11. Whirlwind Boogie

12. Stride on


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