Andrew Kane - Love Tears and Chaos

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Andrew Kane is a singer-songwriter from the UK that has recorded and released his 1st Album "Love, Tears & Chaos" 

The album is a 12 track album with a great selection of songs straight from the heart.


Born in Kingston Upon Hull in the UK, Andrew began singing, playing guitar and piano in his early teens and later moved to Kingston in London to pursue his music career. 

Andrew Kane's 1st single Miles & Miles is a haunting, hypnotic song that garnered great support online and reached over 150,000 views and counting.

In fact, Queen's Brian May and XTC's Andy Partridge are keen admirers along with countless others.

These songs are built to last and will haunt your instincts, staying with you long after hearing it.

Exclusively Available Now on Focus Music & Records

1. Miles and Miles
2. Why Did You Let Me Down
3. All I Want Is the Truth
4. Every Hour of Every Day
5. I Need Somebody's Shoulder
6. Jealosy
7. A Better Life
8. You Put Out the Sun
9. Jewels to Heaven
10.All I Want Is the Truth (Full Version)
11.Bye Bye

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