Boogie Woogie Piano Essentials

Boogie Woogie Piano Essentials

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Boogie Woogie Essentials


This is a lovingly restored collection of classic Boogie Woogie Recordings from the early 20th century. Music that would impact and influence future generations. This is a great album of heartfelt historic music for your collection lovingly cleaned and preserved for future generations to hear. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

1. Cleo Brown                    Boogie Woogie            02:25
2. Pinetop Smith               Pinetop's Boogie     03:09
3. Meade Lux Lewis          Honky Tonk Train Blues    03:10
4. Will Ezell                       Playing the Dozen    03:15
5. Will Ezell                       Pitchin' Boogie    03:01
6. Sodarisa Miller             Sunshine Special (Outside Man Blues) 02:35
7. Henry Brown                Stomp 'Em Down to the Bricks 03:30:00
8. Clarence Williams        The Weary Blues    02:32
9. Speckled Red               Wilkins Street Stomp 02:45
10. Jimmy Yancey           Slow and Easy Blues 02:28
11. Montana Taylor        Detroit Rocks    03:19
12. Hersal Thomas         Suitcase Blues    02:32
13. Jimmy Blythe           Chicago Stomp    02:54
14. Romeo Nelson         Head Rag Hop    00:00
15. Charlie Spand          Hastings Street    03:10
16. F.H.Henderson        Chime Blues    03:23
17. Cow Cow Davenport    Chimes Blues    03:16
18. Charles Avery               Dearborn Street Breakdown 03:15
19. Jimmy Blythe               Armour Avenue Struggle 02:38

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