Bucks Fizz - Making Your Mind Up

Bucks Fizz - Making Your Mind Up

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Bucks Fizz

Bucks Fizz have sold over 50 million records worldwide. They achieved huge success in the 1980s, as the UK winners of the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest with "Making Your Mind Up". The group comprised four vocalists: Bobby G, Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston. They went on to have a successful career around the world with three No.1 singles "Making Your Mind Up" (1981), "The Land of Make Believe" (1981) and "My Camera Never Lies" (1982) and became one of the top-selling groups of the 1980s

 1.Making Your Mind Up (Radio Edit)     
2.Never Gonna Give You Up (Radio Edit) 

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