I Love Italo - Various Artists

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I Love Italo - Various Artists

Featuring some classic and very rare Italo titles, including the Eddy Huntington Version of Den Harrow's massive "Future Brain". Also featured are the Swedish Band Bamboo with their 80s Italo Club hit "Foreign East Love", and the German Duo Boys Next Door with "Lady of the Night" As with all musical styles, Italo disco incorporated different sub-genres, overlapped with other styles, and evolved rather than appearing and disappearing.

1.   Boys Next Door-Lady of the Night (Radio Version)

2.   Magic-I Wanna Be Your Lover

3.   Eddy Huntington-Future Brain

4.   Bruce & Bongo-Geil (Ben Liebrand Mix)

5.   Bamboo-Foreign East Love (Radio Verson)

6.   Kay Franzes-Shadow in the Night (Special Club Mix)

7.   S Shop Boys-Big Ts (St. Pauli Mix)

8.   Kay Franzes-Burning Desire (Hot Burning Mix)

9.   Eddy Huntington-The Devil Loves

10. Boys Next Door-Lady of the Night (The Night Affair Mix)

11. 7th Wonder-Don't Stop

12. Dr. Disco-Hit That Perfect Beat


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