HCWW Vol. 2

HCWW Vol. 2

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Various Artists

We present for you Hardcore Worldwide Vol. 2. The album features some of the best new and established Hardcore bands worldwide with fans and audiences from Europe, USA to Indonesia, Australia, NZ and South America. You Want it Tough? We Got it Tough... We are Hardcore Worldwide!

1.Companion-One Life
2.the romp.-Gimme a Gun
3.Fists of Time-Timeless
5.Sly Old Dog-B. L. D.
6.We Struck Gold-High Horse
7.Protection of Hate-Neckbreaker
9.Jigokü-Third Cross
10.Lastbreath-Forever Cursed
11.Fight Against Monuments-World of Idiocy
12.Sunsmoke-One Alive
13.Anywhere but Home-Worn Down
14.Mette Nenschen-Think for Yourself


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