HCWW Vol. 1

HCWW Vol. 1

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Various Artists

20 Global Hardcore Bands from Hardcore Worldwide, the largest Online Hardcore Rock Community - Available Now!

1.Camino A La Perdición-Ahora
2.Last Hope-Alive
3.Disservice-Cold Reality
4.Six Steps Forward-Dedicated
5.Punishable Act-Dogs of Hardcore
6.Hands upon Salvation-Envision the Forsaken
8.Done-In Vain
9.Insanity-No Limit
10.Dobermann Cult-No Tolerance for Intolerance
11.GHOSTxSHIP-The Here and Now
13.Worst-Te Desejo Todo Mal do Mundo
14.Fury of Five-Taking Respect
15.Black Knives-Take the Best
16.Companion-Strength of a Lion
17.Spidercrew-Still Crazy but Not Insane
18.Rust Proof-Staring Death in the Face
19.I am Revenge-Pit Justice
20.Manifest-Ordinary Man

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