1920s British Jazz Gold - Various Artists

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1920s British Jazz Gold - Various Artists

It wasn't just the USA that had some great bands in the 1920s & 30s. The Brits had some some spiffing stonkers too!

This is a lovingly restored collection of classic British Jazz Recordings from the early 20th century. Music that would impact and influence future generations. This is a great album of heartfelt historic music for your collection lovingly cleaned and preserved for future generations to hear. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

1.    Ambrose And His Orchestra - Painting the Clouds with Sunshine
2.    The Rhythmic Eight -  Kansas City Kitty
3.    Jack Hylton And His Orchestra -   Button up Your Overcoat
4.    Al Bowlly - The Very Thought of You
5.    Jack Hylton And His Orchestra - Sunshine
6.    Savoy Havana Band - Turkish Towel
7.    Jack Hylton And His Orchestra - There's One Little Girl Who Loves Me
8.    Arthur Rosebery & His Kit Cat Dance Band - Let's Do It
9.    The Rhythmic Eight - Umtcha Umtcha da, da, da
10.    The Savoy Orpheans - Fascinating Rhythm
11.    Colonial Club Orchestra - That's You Baby
12.    The Savoy Orpheans - Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
13.    Bert Ralton and His Havana Band - Headin'for Home
14.    Jack Grose & His Metropole Players - A Bungalo, a Piccolo and You
15.    The Savoy Havana Band - Masculine Women & Feminine Men
16.    New Mayfair Dance Orchestra - Spread a Little Happiness
17.    Arcadians Dance Orchestra - When I Met Connie in the Cornfield
18.    The Savoy Orpheans - The Charleston
19.    Ray Starita & His Ambassadors Band - I Love You and I Like You
20.    The Corona Dance Orchestra - Bye Bye Baby


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