Perfect Zebras - Mixing with Wildlife Original

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Perfect Zebras - Mixing With Wildlife

Focus Records

Available on CD & all major platforms

1 Classic band - 2 Classic albums

1. Touching My Heart Again
2. I Don't Dream Anymore
3. Running with Zebras
4. Another Love Story
5. Loves an Illusion
6. Standby for Shangrila
7. Blonde Boys in Blue Denim
8. Terrorists
9. In for the Kill
10. Man or Machine

Formed in North London by 3 talented musicians, singer Alan Jarry, Sax player Terry Stephens and guitarist Paul Robertson. They had been rehearsing and recording demos in the basement of their home with percussionist Gee Bello (Light of The World + George Michael) and bass player Dennis Smith (Secret Affair + Nik Kershaw).
After answering an ad in Melody Maker they met Radio 1 Producer Barry Andrews, who co-owned the legendary Vineyard Studio in London.
With a distinctive sound that separated them from the rest of the current bands Barry quickly signed them to his production and publishing company and booked out the studio for 6 months to record a selection of songs that became their classic debut album " Mixing With Wildlife".
Before completion of the album the band were signed to Polydor Records.
Their first single "Running with Zebras" became a favourite with BBC Radio 1 legendary John Peel as the band solidified their following across Europe.
The 2nd single "Touching my Heart Again " followed shortly gaining critical acclaim and enthusing club audiences and DJ's.
They continued to tour the UK and Europe building up a healthy following in Germany, Holland and France before recording more songs for their 2nd album.
Upon release of the 2nd album "Zebra" the band recorded a video of the classic hit single "Fascination". The video received high rotation in France, Holland and Germany.

Both albums were only ever available in Vinyl format. They have now been remastered by the original Production team and are exclusively available through Focus Records



Alan Jarry - Vocals, Percussion

Paul Robertson - Guitars, Synth

Terry Stephens - Saxes, B/Vox

Dennis Smith - Bass 

Jeff Seopardi - Drums

Gee Bello - Percussion

Produced by Barry Andrews

Recorded At Focus Studios, Vineyard London

All Rights Reserved

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